Natural Plant Dyed Yarn


Black Walnut (medium brown)

3 Ply Super Wash Merino

The Black Walnut used to dye this yarn was harvested from a beloved tree on our property. Black walnuts are naturally high in tannin so I chose not to use a mordant. The medium brown color was achieved from the first exhaust of the dye pot.  Some variation in color happens when using nature as your medium. No two skeins are alike, with each skein possessing unique one of a kind characteristics.  It is my intention to bring one closer to nature through my process using  plants from my woodland habitat.

Plant dyes are “living color” that can be shifted drastically with changes in PH or chemicals. I recommend washing by hand with a PH neutral soap like 7th Generation.

Slight bleeding should be expected, but like a comfortable pair of jeans, this natural dyed yarn will gently fade with time and love, but never lose it’s natural beauty.

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