Taking Joy!

When folks of aged years, of youth and the in between come together in a cacophony of chatter, there is joy. And when each soul begins to settle as we gather around, glass tinkling, chair scuffling, and sound incrementally dissipates, and our  hearts and minds are open to reverence and wonderment of the season which is Christmas.  In this posture of alms there is great healing for our souls.   The harsh and icy grip of past hurts, failures and a host of other spiritual ails  soften and give way to forgiveness, love and hope.  For our family we find this solace and sustenance wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manager. Jesus Christ. Our Emmanuel.  God with us.

Reading of the birth of our Savior from Luke chapter 2  our hearts are lifted in joyful admiration. Candles are lit commemorating the  light of world given to us,  and songs of comfort and joy fill the air, merriment and gaiety in immediate succession flows harmoniously with sparkling cider poured in lifted glass as we celebrate Gods unspeakable gift to the world.

I’ve been seeing all around the joys of Christmas. We don ourselves in traditions effected in decoration, holiday foods and ceremony.  It inspires creativity in young and old alike as we give of  ourselves generously in sharing the good stuff with one another.

If candle light is an essential part of your Christmas experience, I have a handy and very simple, festive to do that will add a little joy and safety to your gathering.  It’s a great way to recycle your Christmas card stash.. Simply choose an assortment of cards, cutting each in two at the fold and using only the decorative top.  Cut each free form or using those nifty decorative edge scissors to form each candle holder.  Make a slit in an X pattern on the back and push the candle through so it is snug. No worries about hot wax drips to spoil your celebration!

christmas candle A

May your Christmas be meaningful and lovely, full of reflection, hope and beauty.

I look forward to a New Year with you, sharing the good stuff.





One thought on “Taking Joy!

  1. Lorie says:

    Oh Betty, this was so beautiful! What you described is exactly how I would love to spend Christmas…with reverence, reading the first Christmas story, singing songs and listening to beautiful hymns, candlelight, loving family and just everything! I can at least be thankful that our family gathering was absent the usual drama this year, and I am infinitely thankful for that. And hopeful that maybe it’s a new trend. I just love your celebration of our Savior’s birth. Your words are so lovely. Thank you for sharing.

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