A way to healing

It’s been so long.  So very long since I’ve visited this space with the intent to write.

You see, I got stuck  in a gyre of sorts,  a swirling lost at sea experience that capsized my life, our lives.  And really, sharing the details of that difficult time eludes me.  Words escape me.  I grapple with the feeling part, the knock your compass out of your hands part  that comes when desperately trying to navigate stormy seas.  I know you understand.   Suffice it to say, I’m still here buoyed by the invisible loving hands of God, and by the prayers of dear loving friends and family who are forever embracing me.

Here I am, in calm waters, centered back into this space and what I want to confess to you is simple.  I need to heal.   Are you weathering a storm too, feeling a  little tattered and frayed,  and in need of  a way to heal?

I’ve come to dry dock  for a season of  healing and  I hope sharing  what I am doing will offer a bit of  nuture and strength to your sails too.

When at times I am tempest tossed I tend to hunker down low, pulling the quilts up to my chin.  And it all feels glorious, for a time.  But then I have to remind myself to say “yes” even though it feels all wonky inside.  Yes to tea with a friend,  a beer, walk, or a movie, whatever.  Just say “yes”.

Oh, and the tea, it’s become integral to my healing way. I started taking little walk abouts early this fall. Purposeful nature walks to still my soul while gathering  herbs from the garden and from the wild, for soothing, nourishing, healing teas.  As I walk, I often pray. and reflect.  The proverb, “In all thy ways, acknowledge Him and he shall direct thy path.” comforts my mind.  Stillness brings so much needed reflection and opens my heart wide to God’s healing.

As I’m wandering, on my path, at my feet I pick from an abundance of self-heal and plantain, calendula blossoms and holy basil.  I place the selected herbs into a bowl and gently cover them with boiling water and leave them to steep 10 minutes, maybe longer to infuse every last drop of healing goodness into the brew.  It  may be peppermint, catnip, or raspberry leaf tea tomorrow.  I don’t know.  I just stay in the moment, from picking, to steeping and sipping.  Savoring tea helps keep me in the present.


019 (2)


Massages are fantastic for relieving stress and muscle tension.  Wish I could have them often, but that would be not be financially sane, so my alternative?

Easing into my hillbilly hot tub filled high and steeping with bath salts and essential oils.  I can’t tell you how therapeutic and healing these candlelit escapes have afforded me. Let the healing begin!


hillbilly hot tub 13.1


It amazes me how many plants surround us for healing and health.  Medicine literally at our feet! If you’ve ever wondered about those rogue and prolific gems that prefer living in the rough rather than the well tended herb garden, I’ve got a couple of links for you.  Chances are you’ve never paid much attention to them, these historic medicinal wonders studied and curated by  Culpeper (1616-1664) You’ve probably dismissed them as mere weeds and banished them forever from around your homes.  Hand raised here!  I hope you’ll see them in a brand new light, and allow them to be part of your own way of healing too.

Self heal for deep wounds both inside and out.

Plantain has a reputation dating back thousands of years as a “cure all”.

It’s good medicine to be here too, Sharing the good stuff. :)






2 thoughts on “A way to healing

  1. Lorie says:

    Well hello there Miss Betty…my dear friend. :) It has been a long while since you’ve put thought to print here. I’ve missed your writing. Sometimes your words are like a soothing balm to me too. Much more so than tea ever could. I’ve missed you my friend. Time does have a way of marching on, doesn’t it? I’m very happy to hear that you’re finding ways to heal and regain your centered spirit. Let the calm reign…

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