Spring Greetings

The Easter Holiday is very near, at the door so to speak.  And isn’t it hard to step back at this point in time, to be contemplative, to meditate upon life, eternity and the meaning of it all?  Especially now when this lovely weather says go! go! go!  These days filled with fresh from the earth blossoms and birdsong!

I know I may fail, in many ways I am sure I will, and I am not alone.  The lovely spring weather aside, I hope your heart is open to the beauty of the gift of grace offered through Christ Jesus.  May His peace be upon your hearts and minds.  Spring really is joyous and bursting with color.  And much more vivid as we walk in His truth.  God bless the path of your feet.


Betty, your cottage woman.


P.S.  Here is fun way to share the Good News with the little ones in your life.  I keep my carton of Resurrection Eggs handy.  Happy Easter!



One thought on “Spring Greetings

  1. Lorie Lundgren says:

    Well hello! Have I been missing your posts! It’s been a lonnnng time my friend…so good to have you back. :)
    And yes, spring is lovely and feels oh, so good! Hope your Easter was memorable and relaxing.

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