Fermentation Celebration

I’m still savoring the scents of the season past, of the late harvest sun and those few precious weeks when the trees and vines give up their fruit and before their leaves cascade to the ground.  I mentally bookmarked the olfactory moment for safe keeping.  I’ve got a crock of sauerkraut bubbling  gently, along with kefir beverages.
You see, I’m not ready to let go and embrace the deep chill of a season that will be here all too soon.  And if you’d be so kind in lingering with me a few moments longer, I’ll pickle tickle your imaginations with some tangy, yeasty tidbits of fermented goodness.

I’ve  always felt that everyone thought I was a little kooky when I coaxed them into trying my kombucha or kefir.  I was always asked about the food safeness of my concoctions, the reliability of the resources I studied and recommended for my fermented libations, getting a “your weird” kind of look.

But looky here, some fellow fermentation freakos have emerged in my area and formed an organization that offer yet more evidence and hoopla and perhaps a pinch more credibility then mwah for kombucha, kefir, real sauerkraut, fresh fermented apple cider and the general healthy goodness of all things not bad, but soured.  YUM!

A few snaps from my day at the Fermentation Celebration, an absolutely free event  put on by the Yamhill County Heritage Project in McMinnville Oregon. You can discover a bounty of helpful information and “how to” on their Facebook page right here.

Fall, it’s a beautiful time of year.  In some way, big or small, I hope you experience the warmth and beauty of the present season.  After all, it too shall pass.
Love ya,

2 thoughts on “Fermentation Celebration

  1. Lorie says:

    Grrr…I cannot follow your blog here, and I don’t know when you’ve added a new post!! I don’t like it – not one bit!! There. I’m done complaining but there it is.

    So anyhoo…good to see another posting from you my little blogging buddy! And yes, I’m pretty sure I was one of those offering up some of those questionable, “you’ve got to be kidding” looks that you’ve mentioned! I was, wasn’t I?????
    Still sounds a wee bit on the odd side of the plate for me, but hey! whatever floats yer boat sista!! My granny used to say that what doesn’t kill ya, makes ya stronger!! And granny was one smart cookie…
    Love you my friend, and YES!! let’s make a date for either breakfast or margaritas!! Again, whatever floats yer boat. You decide. :)
    Oh…one more thing – sauerkraut!!?? Blah, pooky, yucky-poo!!!! Me no like.

    • panthercreekcottage says:

      My dear Lorie let’s not get our knickers in a bunch! Ye ol Cottage Woman has remedy for you. Simply click the subscribe button in the sidebar and have me and my endless chatter delivered right to your email. Easy peasy!

      I’m still aghast that you don’t like sauerkraut, we’ll need to discuss that. And I may have noticed a slight glazing over in your eyes at the mention of Kombucha. However if you’re feeling brave, I have more cultures on hand for this marvelous tea and a nifty instruction sheet I would be happy to share.

      Thanks for the visit, this is fun, let’s do it again!

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