It Happens!


It seems my cheese has slipped entirely off it’s virtual cracker.  A little oopsy occurred when ye ol’ cottage woman in tidying up some, thought her blog would be better suited over on WordPress.  You know, like when your sure the sofa would be way better over here rather than there, and no, that didn’t work.  You get the idea, stuff happens.

My sincerest apologies to you kind folk who follow my ramblings. I love ya, I’m thinking of ya, and would be ever so happy for your patience while I get things straightened out.

Fall is a beautiful season to invigorate and inspire isn’t it?  I’m looking forward to sharing inspiration and creative ideas with you and to connect.  Soon!




4 thoughts on “It Happens!

  1. Lorie says:

    Why? Why do you feel the need to move…again!? Dammit woman, you are hard to keep track of. You can’t tell, but I’m giving you my best surly, scally look!! When you get a moment and come up for air…we need to meet. Plan a little clandestine get-together to discuss world topics, politics, religion…eat. Ok, I mean have breakfast. :) I miss you too!!!

  2. Julie aka Farmer's Wife says:

    There you are! Nice to read you again. It has been too long. What a year. Glad you’re still going in the blog world. I needed to know that.

    take care.

    • panthercreekcottage says:

      So glad to hear from you Julie and looking forward to reconnecting. Some words are congealing if but slowly to share soon. So excited to learn how you are doing and on the happenings up yonder Canada way.


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