Saying Goodbye To Summer

I saw it coming, clearly, over the hill, in a few gently falling leaves, slightly crisp morning air, and in the first home fire.  What did I do? Embrace the Fall season with open arms? No! I ran the other way! I went on a lollygagging escapade. Daily jaunts along the creek, skipping stones and acting like summer was just beginning, if only in my imagination.

I wasn’t remotely prepared to get in the fall mood, although I love all that Autumn holds, cozy warm sweaters, steaming mugs of Chai tea, the earthy smells of fall mulching. 

I’m thinking I still have time to scratch off a few fall “to dos” on my list. These few tips might just get my noggin aligned with the season. And if by some chance you’re feeling un-fall like too and in need of a nudge, read on.

  1. Garlic* If you will be planting a fall vegetable garden, have fun, the offerings of most seed catalogs are wonderfully laden with varieties for the home gardener to choose from, but in my opinion, none are as un-negotiable as the plump cloves of my favorite garlic for seeding.  A few braids of garlic store well for months in the pantry, or dehydrated and ground into powder, maybe roasted and preserved in olive oil. Garlic is a must have, AND the health benefits are too numerous not to consider that there may be a tad more fair weather yet to get next years harvest into the ground. Ever use garlic oil for earache or as an aid in healing an ear infection? In a pinch I will place a freshly sliced piece of garlic into my winter sensitive ears. Very soothing. LOL on the mental picture, but I said soothing, not lovely. More garlic love here.
  2. Compost* Right now is the perfect time to replenish your composting system with an influx of garden debris, green, dried and brown, all will feed the soil food web now for deep, rich, garden goodness in one year. Where  to start? More compost love here.
  3. Pantry* Yep, mines a mess as usual from tossing in stuff willy nilly all summer.  But now is the time to whip it into shape by organizing store bought staples, home preserved staples and by rotating expiring items to the front of your pantry queue. Be resolved to incorporate them into your menu to avoid waste. And do I hate waste? You bet I do!  What to do with that random can of tomato soup you dug out the dark recesses of your pantry? Epicurious is a great place to plug in that “can of whatever” and come up with an interesting recipe, one that might prove to make you the queen of culinary magic in your home.  While we have our pantry prowess thing going on, be mindful of family preparedness and add few consumables yearly that keep really really well long term.  Check out my little experiment to learn more about this pantry must have.
*For the newbie, here is a Beginners Guide to Pantry Pride from the folks at Organized Home.

Oh! before I forget, the promised lollygagging report.

Lazy days on the banks of Panther Creek and a farewell to Summer. 

Hello Autumn. I think I heart you.

What’s at the top of your list of fall “to dos”? I’d love to know!

3 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye To Summer

  1. C-ingspots says:

    There you are! Been thinking about you a lot lately, and wondering where my friend has been spending her time. :) You know I call you the composting queen, don't you? When in doubt, I think…what would Betty do here? Love the info you share about this subject, and I've learned over the years (a little bit anyway). I plan on gathering leaves and other things for my garden beds, and I'll cover them this year for the first time. So glad to hear you've been spending some all-important time lollygagging lately, being outside in this gorgeous weather we've been having is good for the soul. Love you my friend!! Your pics are beautiful, and so are those kiddos…they're getting SO BIG!!! Good grief! We'll be seeing our grandkids this weekend. Justin, Jenny, Jack, David and Kaylee will spend a couple of days with us. They're on vaca and will be heading back home soon.

  2. panthercreekcottage says:

    Hey Lorie,
    It seems everyone is enjoying this unusually but very welcome weather we are having. No complaints here. Glad to hear you are “upppening” the little patch of earth you call home. I'll be checking on progress. lol. Love you my dear friend.

  3. cynthia says:

    Oh my sister sister. I love the photos makes me feel like I'm there with ya. Time to hunker down in that little cottage and stoke the stove for the winter. Love ya

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