There is a distinct change in the air. I feel it. Don’t you? Crisp morning air. The sun a little lower in the afternoon sky.  And grasshoppers popping up from the dry grasses as I pass by.  Nature’s signal that summer is on the wane.
 Internally, my heart quickens as I know we have much to do yet to have our home remodel project weather ready, gardening chores attended to, and time, precious time to find for late summer lollygagging. Yes, lollygagging! Glorious mindless wandering, dilly dallying, or shilly shallying about in the late summer sun.  If I am not forth coming with a lollygagging report soon, well, I hope someone will hold me accountable. :D


It’s really satisfying when we can repurpose old materials into our home building projects.  So much, the old stuff is far superior to what one will find in today’s lumber yards. Not to mention the visual appeal of vintage. Several years ago we stock piled several square footage of tongue and groove boards removed from a friends home remodel project  in Astoria, Oregon.  The cost? One 10″ home made apple pie. Booyah!

We planed the old boards, sanded up the rough spots and they are now the underside treatment of our roof overhang.  Ditto on the Booyah.

And in the garden…..

Connectivity.  My maternal great grandmother was a sharecroppers wife who grew fabulous hydrangea in the Arkansas hard pan.  I can only imagine possible by the soil amending courtesy of the family cow.  I don’t remember my great grandmother, she passed in my infanthood, but I know her.  I know her everytime I look at my Nikko Blue hydrangea.

The other day, my grand daughter presented me with this mini bouquet picked from my garden.  There is the hydrangea.  And the connectivity. One day, perhaps by instinct, a hydrangea will grace this young ladies garden too.
I hope your end of summer to dos are creative and meaningful with ample time set aside for aimless lollgagging too.  
 I find lollygagging so much nicer with tea.  How bout’ you?

One thought on “Lollygagging

  1. C-ingspots says:

    Oh ya, I've felt it…cold in the mornings already, and so much dew! I love fall, but don't want it to get wet yet. Just cool temps, plenty of sunshine and the smell of fall burning on the air. Hmmm, nice time for riding, working outside and sitting by a campfire. The only thing I've done this summer is the working part – sucks! I'm sooooo ready for lollygagging, BBQing, just taking some time to relax and enjoy before the days turn so short and it starts raining. Oh, how I wish time would just slow down a little…I miss you my friend. I NEED me some girlfriend time! Biff being at home all the time is making me crazy!! Help!!!!!!! How's Katie and the kiddos doing? Please tell her I think of her often.

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