What you don’t see

Have you ever stopped in your tracks when looking at a breathtaking garden or dreamy piece of art and ask, “What is it?!” What is it about this particular garden, or art piece that has me awestruck?  And I think the answer lies in what you don’t see.

What you don’t see is each layer intrinsically applied to canvas or landscape.  You didn’t see the inspiration before the artists hand placed the first brush stroke to canvas or spade that first broke earth nor each dedicated and successive layer that took time maybe years to create, to shape the thing.

What meets your eye is on the surface, the culmination of technique and artistry.  but what you ecstatically feel  is the glorious wonderment in knowing that what you are looking at goes way beyond the surface.  I’ve been loving the wonderment of these two lately.

Juliette Crane, a sweet artist who shares an intimate look into her process of creating Ladybird.  In sharing this process she brings into view these hidden layers until the moment a piece feels finished.  I feel the depth of her work, don’t you?  

Teresa is a Rosarian ( a lover of rose antiquity) ! She too is an artist whose canvas is her garden. I stroll through  her garden regularly by way of video on her blog, The Garden Diary.   As a fellow gardener, I know intimately the many layers of compost, mulch and soil amendments that go into creating the foundation for the palette of colorful blooms and foliage creatively arranged in the garden portrait.

Here’s whats inspiring me in the garden recently, Eggplant!  Not because I particularly like eggplant on my plate. But I  love it’s silky smooth feel, ever lovely egg shape and it’s deep purple color.  I’m also smitten with it’s lavender blossoms.

Are you enjoying the culmination of something you began years ago or just started yesterday?  Are you perfecting a craft or embarking on a new project? I hope so!

3 thoughts on “What you don’t see

  1. C-ingspots says:

    Very eloquent writing my friend, and such a lovely post! I love the rose garden!!! Soooo pretty…
    You don't like eggplant? Biff won't even try it, but I love it! And, you're right, it's beautiful.

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