The Art in Architecture

Falling Water/ Frank Lloyd Wright 

The Gordon House/ Frank Lloyd Wright

Panther Creek Cottage

The legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright made this famous observation about art & architecture, “that art is the discovery and development of elementary principles of nature into beautiful forms suitable for human use”.

Wiki notes that Frank Lloyd Wright believed in designing structures which were in harmony with humanity and it’s environment, a philosophy he called organic architecture and is best exemplified in Falling Water.

Lately, I’m  not so sure I’m seeing the cohesive beauty as much as the practicality in our home addition adventure.  But I have hope that if Frank Lloyd Wright could unconventionally combine natural stone with the modernity and starkness of cantilevered roof lines in an uninhabited rustic setting, well, we must not have colored too far outside the lines of propriety and aesthetics of our home remodel with what I’ve dubbed Country Cottage meets Ponderosa.  What do you think Pa?

Recently we laid a good portion of the deck and we’re enjoying the wonderful fresh woodsy scent of cedar. And for lighting we’ve placed receptacles for sconces on either side of the entry.  But now that I’ve seen the loveliness in the downcast glow of the can lights in the Gordon House I might just change my mind. ;)

And  here’s some awesome + timely news. The Gordon House is located at The Oregon Garden in Silverton Oregon, just an hour or so drive from home. I’ve arranged plans for a tour there in August.  I think it will be a nice diversion from all this building ruckus we have going on and because frankly, I’m feeling the proverbial dog days of summer coming on strong.  And because the beach, the sun, lazing around and other activities requiring as little effort as possible are beckoning.

I hope your summer season is full adventure and restful moments too.  

One thought on “The Art in Architecture

  1. C-ingspots says:

    Well, at least living where we do, we can enjoy the tranquil sounds of running water much of the year… :)

    Your project is looking good. Lots of progress and hard work showing. I'm anxious to see how it looks when you're done.

    Was very good to visit with Katie the other day. Even if I behaved poorly…hope she wasn't too embarrassed by my emotional outburst at MC. My Mary issues are coming through loud and clear! I pray for a peaceful mind and a quiet tongue when she's around. I can't explain exactly why I find Mary so grating at times, but I do. Despite that, we're making progress. And to that end, I will persevere. *sigh*

    I hear the calming sounds of crashing ocean waves and a glass of Oregon Reisling calling my name…

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