3 Herbs + 2 Feathers

Sometimes I am fresh out of ideas, things to talk about.  I know, amazing :D  So I took my camera out this morning for a little walk about the herb garden for some inspiration + for something to share with you today. 

And it was these few small things that I found that inspired me most.  The delicate and sensory delight of  3 Herbs + 2 Feathers. 

Here, see here!  Apple mint is a nice little herb, lightly scented and not as vigorous as the peppermint behind it.  I enjoy it’s milky white and green contrast in the herb bed too. A sprig tucked into a glass of ice tea is lovely.

I so prefer the beauty of ordinary Garden Sage. What it lacks in foliage it compensates generously in blooms. And the best flavor of all sage varieties in my opinion. I love when little honey bee bottoms poke out as if clothed with the tiny tubular blooms. So cute!

Calamint has it’s own special airy appeal.  It’s ample and perfect when in juxtaposition to an object or structure. Planted here next to a log cabin birdhouse on an old tree stump, Calamint evokes a prairie or meadow like feel. And Calamint is a nice “stay put” herb for the garden.

About the 2 feathers? Two old crows come calling each Spring.  They waddle up the old drive and set up camp until fall when, they leave, and not until I notice the absence of their calling out to one another do I realize they have up and left and I wonder, where do they go? Their throaty caws remind me we live in rustic surroundings. The twosome have deposited two calling cards this year to remind us of their comings and goings. Sweet!

I hope your comings and goings are adding up to a fantastic summer so far.  
Have a good one!

2 thoughts on “3 Herbs + 2 Feathers

  1. C-ingspots says:

    Ooh, that calamint is beautiful! I love it, but have never even heard of it. What are its' uses?
    Your herb garden is so pretty…mine is a tiny 2-tiered garden sitting on our deck. Sweet basil, chives, dill and cilantro. Maybe someday, I'll have that old english style garden that I admire so much!

  2. panthercreekcottage says:

    Lorie, I so love your farm gardens and copious marion berry patch!

    Besides just being airy and lovely, calamint or calamintha is used in Italian cooking much like oregano. Medicinally it aids in digestion, depression, insomnia and menstrual pains, or so I have read. I've used the other herbs in my garden frequently, and find I simply enjoy the ambiance calamint gives my herb garden. Happy gardening my friend.

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