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 I thought I would share with you a little glimpse into a sweet little space I called dibs on.  It’s quite small, a little nook under the eaves of our small cottage.  But it’s all mine!  I’ve not had near the time to play here, at least  not as much as my heart would have it.  And if it weren’t for June being our busiest month in the way of birthday greetings needing to go out, I would be desperate to find any time at all. Times like these, I get all wonky. I need to be here, to make and do.

Pens, paper, paints, sewing machine, bits of inspiration and a cozy shawl.  I feel all Tasha Tudor when I quiet myself here.

I’ll often open the little window that looks down towards Panther Creek, even in winter, just so I can hear the creek’s soothing melody.  In the evening I’ll light a candle that sits on the windowsill, a one small beacon of light shining into the forest darkness. Here, in these still moments, my soul is full wide open to creative impulse. Do you have a special place, just your own? I’d love to hear all about it!

 While in my little nook recently I was unexpectedly and oddly inspired by the mail. I noticed the colorful patterned insides of business envelopes I had gotten. The bills  however did nothing for me! ;) and then I came up with this humdinger of an idea.

A little snip, flip and bit of red stitching up two sides and I had a handful of new pretty recycled envelopes. And a small quick creative boost for fortification during these busy days.

Summer is almost fully here. I’m sure many of you are pretty much full steam ahead with over-brimming schedules, summer plans, and with a creative tank near Empty. 

From one friend to another, if this is your situation too, let me offer you a bit of refreshment to get you through. 

~*wishing you moments of pure creative joy*~

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