Thus Far

Well, now we’ve gone a done it!  I suppose it’s universal that our dreams are much simpler when they remain dreams, and a whole lot harder when one of them shows signs of becoming a reality.  Ironically, we know this  from previous remodel jobs

But alas, like childbirth (pardon me fellas), in time you forget the all too familiar pain and agony and your vows of never again!  So here we are, immersed once again, in what I like to call the PURE grunt mode of prepping the site and laying the foundation. (You know how I like things pure! :D)  Here’s the skinny.

The head hillbilly jack hammered these 6-8 inch pieces of what once was a patio, to clear the space where the 14 x 20 ft. addition will go. I stacked them here.  We’ve pretty much decided they will be recycled into a retaining wall around the addition. But please, I can’t eeee…ven go there! At least not until I get a full body massage!
It’s so great when a neighbor offers the use of his Kubota!  Here we excavated the area to  the  proper dimensions and put in the framing and re-bar for the footing.
We poured the footing and remembered from past experience (I love it when I remember) that measurements are  never exact no matter how well you try to be precise on this point.  And  when you  have a bit of left over concrete it MUST go somewhere.  Our plan worked perfectly this time, take a look.
Just enough pour left over to fill these stepping stone frames.  
The head hillbilly commenced to cutting block for the foundation.  Check out the blower he has duct taped to the work surface.  It blew the dust clear away, and onto our parked vehicles! I must pause here to mention that me and duct tape?  Don’t ever come between us!
Mortar, GRUNT, block, in that order.  
Tap, level, tap, WOO-HOO, in that order!
Mortar mixing and the near finished foundation stem wall with 2 vents on each side.  A shout  out here for the head hillbilly’s brother from another mother.  I don’t know what we would do without Glen.  Add  his expertise, humor, and generosity to the mix and this grinding work was kinda fun.  Well, kinda :D

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?  Yeah, permeable pavers!  These remnants created from cutting blocks will be recycled back into the landscape somewhere.  The wheels are turning! I’m open for suggestions. 

I hope your having a beautiful Spring *

One thought on “Thus Far

  1. C-ingspots says:

    Wow!! I am totally impressed with you guys!! Really. I can't even imagine undertaking such a grand endeavor…me? I'd be shooting the old man for sure!! Plus, I don't have a clue about such things. I sure could serve up a helluva lunch and hand stuff when needed though. :) Good job!! It's gonna be great!!

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