I Love Your Place

I love your place.  I know this even though I’ve stepped but not one toe in to your home.  I also know I love your garden, like your home, whether it be small and unassuming or grand and expressive.  I know this because you LIVE there!

I’ve never not loved the places that people dwell. There’s a story to each one.  That special something that always tantalizes my senses.  Weird?, maybe, but absolutely true.  I’ve found beauty in the humblest of places and awe in the grandest of architecture and I love them both.  I love without prejudice both porcelain and reclaimed brick. Oak banistered stairways and creaky old wooden steps. Vaulted ceilings and cubby holes. Marble floors and polished cracked cement. 

But there is one element that truly brings life to any dwelling. People.  It’s the folks that make a house a home and despite the myriad of materials  that make up the shelter,  they are the ones who unbeknownst to themselves transpose warmth and meaning to the place they call home.  

That’s what I love most, the way a house no matter how simple or grand is just a house until someone who LIVES there makes it a home.  

I hope you enjoy the following sweet tribute.

Best springtime wishes,

(your cottage woman) 

Via Katie Hutchison Studio

4 thoughts on “I Love Your Place

  1. Julie Wallbridge (feminist farmer's wife) says:

    I've been recently discussing different methods of keeping ones home with friends. Surveying people's ideas of a comfortable home. We have concluded that messy or tidy, shoe-trampled or spotless, sparse or buried, there is no one 'right' way to keep a home. If the people living in the home are comfy and happy with the way the space is being used, then the home is perfectly well kept.

    I felt for so long that there was one right way to keep my space (clean, neatly arranged and spacious without too many things) – and it has been wonderful to give myself permission (and others too!) to belong in our homes however we like it (mine? full of projects on the go, showing signs of quick trips through the house by tiny shoes or paws from the outside, displayed collections of things that mean something to the people in the house, sometimes clean laundry and dishes not quite yet put away).

    Adding what you say to this idea – a home is pretty much exactly about how the folks in it want it to be.

    How wonderful to know there are people like you who appreciate all the different ways our homes can be. An expression of our selves, how we spend our time, and how we use and share our space.

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