Cottage Snippets

Raise your hand if you’re lower back has a twinge in it lately?  Knees a little stiff? Undetermined scratches about your forearms? Mmm hmmm. Isn’t it glorious!  In my neck of the woods Spring has made it’s long awaited for and perturbing belated arrival.  

The bod is going through those little adjustments to much more activity. But the sun on my back, the birds, the blossoms and delightful scents, the deep rich soil.  Hello heaven!  Now is the time of rampant activity that makes it difficult to pause and share but we must, eh?  

A few snippets of life at the cottage:

In all her gnarly quaintness my rosemary has produced the tenderest new shoots that have been the perfect seasoning for steamed new potatoes. 
I was excited to see my loving care of a mere shoot of Paeonia Obovata (woodland Peony) come forth this spring under my Douglas fir trees. 

I got this sweetie from Arbutus Garden Arts who are local Northwest Native growers who live right in the middle of their exquisite  woodland  garden.   When I pencil in their biannual tour of the gardens I am never disappointed.  

The winding drive and forest canopy that lead to their garden quench my thirst for the hidden, deep wonders of the forest. I could go on about this gem but I may have a new post about this wonderful garden and caretakers soon!

Paeonia obovata

Psst…  are you expecting? Don’t you think Paeonia would be the perfect name for a baby girl? maybe? just a little? Moving on.
One last snippet of a sublime cottage moment.  Young Wyatt jamming with his Grandpa.  The name Wyatt is nice, I adore Wyatt, and I think I’ve finally reconciled myself to him not being named CEDAR! 

“Lost in the forest, I broke off a dark twig
and lifted it’s whisper to my thirsty lips:
maybe it was the voice of the rain crying.”
~Pablo Neruda

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