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Welcome to Panther Creek Cottage, our home sweet  home for pert near 30 years. You might remember earlier my sharing about the bones of  her being and our country lives on this sweet homestead.  But now there are a few changes coming  to our humble abode and our souls very soon.  As of this writing we have prepared the site of a small addition to her right.  Even though our sweet cottage suits us well we have found family gatherings a bit tight.  Now we dig family togetherness and all, little ones teetering on our knees as we gather around the small round kitchen table at Thanksgiving.  But it’s a little harder when they become teens! So a little more elbow room if you please.

I’m feeling slightly apprehensive (okay lots to be exact) about tending to  farm chores, the gardening and remodeling simultaneously, but many hands should lighten the load.  And we’re feeling excited, and a little nostalgic of days gone by all at the same time. I’ll  keep you posted of progress!  My mind right  now is  full of wonderful notions destined for humdinger status. I don’t know if any them will come to fruition, but the creativity of the places I’ve been to lately on the web will keep me humming happily along as we boldly proceed in this new adventure at the cottage.  

Have a peek ~
Alabama Chanin ~ A lifestyle company focused on slow design and sustainability.  Their products  are organic, mostly clothing, and each one a piece of art.  Single pieces are designed and produced by multiple artisans supporting the livelihoods of more than one individual.  I love the concept and the intricate details and style of clothing.

Cellar Ridge Custom Homes ~ Cellar Ridge is a local company.  I’ve been to a few seminars   they have offered on sustainable home building and a peek into their construction processes for energy efficiency.  The sturdy cottages they are presently building of course caught my eye.  Check out the Britton Cottage to satisfy dreams of bigger living on a small scale. BTW, their homes have that quintessential Pacific Northwest flavor I dearly love.

Cing-spots Appaloosas ~ Whoa! Back up a minute you say.  Neigh, Cing-spots (seeing spots!, very clever and fitting) is one of may favorite blogs for farm and country home inspiration.  And I might add registers cottage status to my thinking.  If it’s the beauty of nature, sewing gingham country kitchen curtains, or the real life goings on in the mind of a pony? My heart is there! And not just because Lorie happens to be one of my dearest friends.

Soule Mama ~ This homesteading family, well, do I need say more about what draws my heart here? The life, the photos, the simplicity, the inspiration!  Amanda is one creative mama.

Thoughts of Grace ~  The well in which I am frequently drinking from.  I’ve found busy hands and peace of heart knitted together here by this mama and Grandma and I don’t even know her name.  I kinda like that.  Thanks for the daily affirmation that firstly, I am a child of God. 

Dreamland ~  There’s just something about freehand writing that has always inspired me.  I’m a self-acclaimed doodling queen so Gina’s artwork of lettering in the form of inspiring quotes filled my creative tank to overflowing.  Here’s a small sampling of her awesomeness!

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Wishing you much spring time happiness.

One thought on “The Cottage

  1. C-ingspots says:

    Oh Betty, you just made me cry!! Weeping ninny that I am…but thank you dear friend, I love you so much!!
    I am soooo glad to hear you're gonna be making some changes to your beautiful, old girl!! (Scared me for a minute, thought you might be leaving.) She's served you well over the years, but all girls are in need of new coverings or shall we say, enhancements from time to time!! Can't wait to see what your creative mind comes up with!!

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