Rosemary is the honorable lady of my herb garden.  Blessing me with her magical scent each time I brush against her.  Guardian of the medicinal and culinary heritages of the other herbs that grow along the meandering paths that lead to her throne.  And her christened name Rose of Mary transcends the ages of biblical history.  

My Rosemary has been dutifully keeping a watchful eye over our cottage herb garden some 10 years now, all cozied up to an old Douglas Fir tree stump.  I love the way she has in time managed to gracefully embrace the old stump. She has plentiful blooms that  are a nearly white pale blue.  I have pruned a few aging branches from the old girl from time to time and have found their lightly scented, gnarled and twisted appearance very unique.  I’m planning on using a few as  sturdy handles for my whacky hillbilly baskets.  Rosemary brings an air of dignity to any landscape and would be the perfect herb selection in today’s era and ethos of water conscious gardening.

~ Spring Salutations~

One thought on “Rosemary

  1. C-ingspots says:

    Just lovely. I used to have rosemary, but I think the mint has all but choked it out. The sage is still hanging in there, but my oregano's gone too, I think. This year, I'm going to plant cilantro, dill and sweet basil in a container. Got my raised beds cleaned out last w/e. Soon…I hope! Going to maybe build me another one too. Need more room!!
    Hope all is well with everybody. Miss you my friend!

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