PNW ‘er

We have been the recipients of two glorious days of actual 80 degree spring like weather in Oregon’s Pacific Northwest.  Woo hoo!  But alas, in short order, clouds and threatening thunder showers have returned, bent on a conspiratorial gray and wet spring pattern.  Much like the gray thunder cloud hue of the Navaho-Churro fiber I have been spinning lately.  But hey, it’s rugged and durable too, just like the sheep and the PNW’er!

So it needs be that I’ll be away for a tad while as I scurry about  tasks between Spring showers.  But it also needs be that I leave you  with a few lovelies that might entertain and inspire you.  Enjoy kind friends!

  • The scrumptious Rhubarb and Orange Meringue via The Bridge Cottage Way, a spring recipe celebration courtesy of a lovely growing, foraging, sustainable farmlass.

  • Vintage wares of a wanderlust business on wheels. Completely in love with this concept. An armload of xo’s to Wanderlust Mobile shop! ;)

  • The darlin’ urban homesteading, fiber loving ladies via Ewe and Me Handmades.  A house full of love & bunnies!

  • Our tiny cottage living keeps me ever searching for kindred spirits in tiny places.  Sweet  tiny abodes that shelter the human soul the world over via  Cabin (excuse me) Porn.

A sweet tweetable for you >God almighty first planted a garden.  And indeed it is the purest of human pleasures.  ~Francis Bacon~ 


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