Homestead Goodness

The Pacific Northwest’s  lovely verdant green landscape is courtesy of it’s abundant rainfall.  Bless you Oregon!  But can you stop now!?  I’m anxious and patiently waiting like most folks to feel the soft (dry) earth beneath my feet, but alas, a few more days of drizzle lay ahead. In the meantime, a few tidbits of homestead goodness are floating around in my bean, and in need of escape.  

The setting sun reflecting on my found and upcycled wire gate.  I placed it in my veggie garden and planted bright orangey zinnias.  It is reminder to me of the iconic garden gate of long ago days over which neighbors would exchange hellos.  I often wish for such an idyllic encounter.

A snap of a maple and willow garden bench two industrious gardeners built and brought to a recent gardening seminar I attended. They shared a lovely lunch break perched on their handiwork.  It inspired me to create my own outdoor seating.  Do bales of straw count?
Territorial Seed Company  is one of my all time favorites for interesting seed varieties for the garden.   I not only love their Scarlet Emperor runner bean for it’s visual stand out and interest  in the garden but also for it’s mottled black and pink bean at maturity that I’ve decoratively   used indoors as well.  So I have in my itching to go garden hands some new varieties to try, Bingo and Yin Yang.  Bingo look like tiny Orca whale.  Fun. 
Yet in all this wetness, plantings are ripening up for the big show.  Like these plump Peonie buds.  See it in bloom here.  It’s hard to deny the power of pink!

But  I ‘m not alone as I yearn and stretch for a wee bit more sunshine around here.  If the sun is warming your skin, the fresh addictive scent of rich soil is wafting about your nostrils as you dig in the earth,  If with a dampened brow and soil stained hands you feel gloriously appreciative and alive in your little patch of heaven?  Then craps! Do you think you can box some up and send it yonder way!?

Yours Truly,
Cottage Woman

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