Wanted: An Umbrella

Wanted: Gallon sized Jars
Offered: Trash  compactor
Wanted: Knitting & sew supplies
Taken: Recliner
Offered: Old propane bar-b-q
Wanted: Heirloom seeds
Offered: Girl Scout Sashes w/pins
Taken: Gallon sized jars

I love freecycle!  I love their motto, “changing the world one gift at a time”.  The list above contains just a smattering of    the stream of things wanted, offered or taken in my community.  I like seeing how needed items are gifted, recycled back into the community.  Watching this flow of tangible goods is one of my favorite pastimes and got me to thinking that maybe the intangible, like the gift of ideas, inspiration and encouragement the blog world offers would help me find that Umbrella I am in search of. A freecycle gift of the mind if you will!   How bout’ it, can you help me? =)

Have you noticed the button at the top of my blog called shop?  No no, don’t click it!  Oh you did? Yeah, well, you see I  have an explanation.  The reason I have a shop button when there is no shop is that I have rolling around in my noggin aspirations of eventually having an online shop for hawking my wares.  Only there are no wares, there haven’t been any wares, tangible or intangible, that I recognize at least of being marketable. But the sole purpose for the button (which I secretly hoped would be inconspicuous to visitors) remains to be a reminder to myself to get motivated to do something, anything…SOMETHING!!! 


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Wanted: An Umbrella
~A place to gather all my chillins’, ie; (my wandering baby potentialities) under. That when all snuggled up cozy would translate into something cohesive, meaningful and marketable.  So take a look at what makes me tick. YOUR umbrella (suggestions, ideas) just might be what I need! ~

I am a Wife, Mother, Grandmother, student, artist/crafter, and a one time vintage shop owner. I have other interest/skills in composting, viticulture/wine, permaculture, recycle/re-purposing, gardening, sustainability, conservation, domestic arts, home re-modeling, teaching, counseling, farming (animal husbandry), faith/religion, networking, and blogging. 

Wanted: An umbrella!
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P.S. Your passionate, creative and kind thoughts would be so welcome!

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