What’s cool, rubbery, drippy yet not wet and loads of fun? GAK! a.k.a GLARP for the uninitiated  to GAK’s flatulent alter ego!

The first of Spring has finally arrived but nature doesn’t always abide the calendar. So these lingering cold, wet, blustery days have found me searching for new ways to entertain and occupy the wonderful little ones that come to visit.  Well used prang paint sets, crayons, markers, stamps and such are becoming ho-hum.  But then I came across this Gak recipe in my  projects book and it was Aha!  I was just like the proverbial magician pulling a rabbit out of it’s hat for an oohing audience.  Three cheers for Grandma!

 If your wondering who in the world would possibly purchase a gallon jug of glue.  That would be me. I was simply shopping for printer paper at Staples, when the jug caught my eye.  It’s been one of my best purchases to date, kinda along the lines of a great pair of shoes that provide years of comfort and use. I’ve had my gallon of glue for about 5 years and it’s about half gone as you can see.  I expect it’ll last me another 5.  And I think I can say the same for my comfortable Danskos!

Recipe: In a medium bowl mix 2 cups white glue with 11/2 cups water.  Add a few drops food coloring.  In a small bowl or measuring cup mix 1T. Borax powder with 1/3 cup water.  Add the Borax mixture to the glue mixture. Stir and squish the soft forming dough or blob.  When the blob no longer gathers together I remove it from the glue mixture to another bowl pouring off any excess liquid that doesn’t adhere.  After a few moments of handling the dough it becomes less wet and more pliable.  I will usually add an additional Borax and water mixture to the remaining glue mixture to get additional GAKS.  You’ll want to store your GAK in an airtight container.

Now GAK in the proper hands, like in the case of 5yo Wyatt, can fill the cottage with roaring laughter and hours of fun.  Just squeeze a piece of GAK into a smallish container pressing out the air and well, there you have it.  GLARP!  
And wonders really are that GAK will entertain every age group.  Stephanie spent quite some time perfecting her air bubble to the amazement of the group.  She was rockin’ it with the GAK!  

I recently got an email from my daughter and it seems she’s come up with a new “keep em’ busy” project too for her tribe.  Here is a handful of colorful beads she promises to share soon on her blog,My God Given Mission Field.  They are quick and easy and sure to help fill time till the sun comes out and we can all bust open the doors and let the glorious springtime weather in!


4 thoughts on “Gak

  1. C-ingspots says:

    Ooh, what fun!! I love stuff like that! I can just imagine the wonderful sounds of merriment and laughter that helped lift your spirits on this dreary first day of spring…thank God for the little ones, and the Gak!

    Speaking of borax…I found a recipe for homemade laundry soap a while back, and am loving it.
    1 4# box of Borax
    1 4# box of Baking soda
    1 4# box of Arm & Hammer Washing soda (not sure what the difference is)
    3 bars of grated soap such as:
    Ivory, Fels Napa, dang it, there are 2 others and I forget their names. Including the one that I used…damn menopause!!
    Anyway, it smells great and seems to be working wonderfully.

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