Rock, Wood, Chain

On our frugal homestead, when we need things done, reaching for the best tool is most times not an option. Because A.) The best means expensive and B.) We ain’t got the money honey!
Take this spot for instance, it would have been nice to have fired up the tractor in moving a huge concrete cornerstone into it. Not an option. What’s a hillbilly to do?

Observe! Rock, chain, wood, and the hillbillies who could!

We hooked the chain to the poor man’s tractor, the Honda Foreman. And I gave er’ the gas!
HH placed one wood fence post in front of the other as the cornerstone slowly inched it’s way to the spot, resetting the rear post to the front and readjusting the chain at each step.
Seven or eight incremental moves later an we were spot on our target.

Almost there.
A little hillbilly know how and some doing what you can, where you are, with what you have attitude!

We began this home outdoor project last spring. A revamp of our crude fire pit area. I’m excited to show you our progress as we re-use items from around the homestead.

In the meantime you might dig this humdinger of a recycle project we did earlier.

~warm winter wishes~

4 thoughts on “Rock, Wood, Chain

  1. panthercreekcottage says:

    yuz mam'. I really didn't have a clue how we would move it. It surprisingly went quicker than I thought it would and with very little exertion on our part on account of the wood posts carrying the burden. Humdinger!

  2. Julie Wallbridge (feminist farmer's wife) says:

    Fantastic! I am so very impressed.

    Lately I've been struggling with the balance between not making my life harder than it needs to be (which for my live long life has been being resourceful and making do wherever possible) and making sure we give ourselves the things we deserve in life (haven't paid for a haircut in 20 years, not sure this is good or bad).

    This post reminds me why I so very much love the idea of making the best with what you have.

    (And I've always like my hairdo just fine)


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