Tea? Please. Cream? Please. Sugar? Please!

Lots of tea have I been consuming lately. The dismal dreariness of constant cloudy and damp weather find me craving the energy boosting caffeine of black tea laced with cream. Oh, and lets not forget sugar, yes, an adequate balance of uber sweetness with the warming flavor of spices. I’m good at telling myself I need it, I really neeeeeed it! Otherwise I’d burrow down under the quilts and not come out til’ Spring.

I’ve found my balm in this sweet and spicy, heart warming com mixture in a jar recipe via a fun and lovely slip of a girl known as The Garden Betty. I’m going to take a chance here in telling you it’s Chai. I know I know, been there done that, but hold up a minute. This creamy little wonder in a jar has been my saving grace, my muse, my sustenance and I heartily invite you to give it a try. And then tell me if your ears don’t feel a little warmer, your toes cozier and your heart singing ~

“The sun will come out tomorrow”. “Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow”,
There. will. be. sun.
Warm and glowing thoughts from yours truly.

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