Frugal Getaway {part deux}

I find it amazing that despite the winter doldrums, skimpy pocketbook, and general recession fed malaise that seemingly strikes at will, one can still find a little respite, a frugal getaway of sorts.

We enjoyed just such a getaway and found ourselves swooshing down the side of a mountain, wind in our hair and bright snow reflected sun in our eyes. Okay, no actual downhill swooshing took place. We cross country skied. More like panted and sweated with bright snow reflected sun in our eyes, but it was glorious!

You may remember how we scored a weekend on the Oregon coast, our first frugal getaway. A little work around the place and our stay was free. Likewise, the gear for our mountain getaway to Bend Oregon was wrangled via a homemade pumpkin pie. And you know very well you can’t make only one pumpkin pie, making it a sweet deal all the way around. Our one night stay at the Shilo Inn was discounted because HH is a veteran, and a generous breakfast buffet was included. Hello, frugal happy happy dance!

I don’t think an expensive crowded snow resort or any amount of downhill hill swooshing would have been as peaceful and beautiful as the few hours we spent on this snowy trail.

If you’re lamenting leaner days too, think about putting the word out to your network of friends and family and see what you come up with for your own frugal getaway. I’m sure it’ll be fabulous.


One thought on “Frugal Getaway {part deux}

  1. C-ingspots says:

    So glad you got to get away for some fun!! You look like the professional skiier in your outfit, I might add! Sounds like you had a wonderful time too…sure enjoyed getting together with you, but as usual our time together was much too short. I'd like to hear more about your weekend and everything else you've been up to. You're always more of a pick-me-up than you'll ever realize my friend!! Love you!!

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