If any of you happen to have siblings,older sisters in particular, you’ll totally get what I am about to say. I get this call from my older sister about a month ago, asking, er, more like demanding that I come visit her in Cali. But in reverence for her Highness, I’ll say summoned.

She gave me and hour (that’s right,1. single. hour.) to make up my mind. Because, as she firmly stated, she is at her computer, with the Southwest Airlines schedule before her very eyes, ready to press “book”. No pressure there right? Well, for 55minutes I blustered and bristled at her Majesty’s request. And then 5 minutes later, I answered her summons with this:

You may think me a wiener buckling under such dubious pressure, but if you do indeed have an older sister, I know I have your complete and utter sympathy. And lest anyone think that the actual years of separation in age make a difference. I reply with not one whit! In fact, when I arrived at her majesty’s door we were the same age. And remained so for 4 days. Believe me, I tried my fools best to dethrone her highness, she would have none of it. But spending our birthdays together, clinking our bottles of Coke in honor of our Mother’s fortitude and sense of humor, was worth every moment. And did I mention Lady Laughs-a-lot bought my airline ticket, so there, check-mate.
Her majesty loves purple. I’m thinking a subliminal message alluding to her royalty, or so I like to imagine. But her husband, being a mere peasant as I, seeing all things equal bought me a purple bouquet too. Checkmate;) In case you’re wondering, Her majesty would be the 361 days older woman in this picture, but I’m not telling. Checkmate :0

For four lovely days we walked, danced, sang, cooked, ate, drank and maybe just a teensy bit fought, but that much is to be expected from sisters. Most of all we encouraged each other’s creativity, shared our newest projects and plans. I love that the most about our visits.

I love the way my sister gets her creative daily fix by playing around in this ginormous brandy snifter. Her little china man with no hands exists in a tranquil garden of sand, moving about only at his mistress’ will. I feel your pain little china guy (just saying).

I think these pods are very cool, from a Magnolia I’m guessing. We picked a passel of them on one of our walks. A few trips to Lowe’s for paint chips and new pendant lighting for her highness’s boudoir rounded out my trip.
Remember the Narcissus I have been dousing liberally with Gin.

I came home to find that she can’t hold her liquor.


4 thoughts on “Summoned

  1. C-ingspots says:

    Looks like you had a wonderful visit with your big sister! Seeing the two of you together shows just how much you resemble each other. Wow, amazing!! Being summoned like that shows you how much she loves you. Beautiful ladies!! Pretty posies too!!

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