Bread: Tis the season to bake some.

Levain, sponge, or starter are the humble beginnings of a superb loaf. Chewy baguette, crusty rounds or tangy sourdough. So many methods to choose from it’s hard to know where to start, I know! But if you are feeling a need to slow down a little, as I am, to fire up the stove, to immerse yourself in domestic tranquility, then bake a loaf of bread. And if at first you don’t succeed you’ll still be rewarded with a heavenly scent to savor over a cup of tea.

The net is full of recipes you might try, but a nice book, one you can leisurely browse while your lovely bread dough is rising, is Amy’s Bread.

Our brief snow has turned back to the standard rain today. And it’s a genuine gully washer with rising streams and flooding. A perfect day for home baked bread don’t you think?

Dough rising in a warm place.

Carrot ginger loaf at the ready.

I’ll be donning rain gear for an adventure in the woods this afternoon. Then sharing a bit of this with a friend over a warm cup of Earl Grey tea.

But before I slip on my boots I want to share with you this short video for a glimpse into the calm and patient process of baking bread.

Bread love to you & warm winter greetings.

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  1. C-ingspots says:

    Happy Birthday Betty!! Sorry I neglected to call, but I have a terrible time remembering when everybody's birthdays are…is yours the 19th?? I just had one too, on the 21st. They seem to come around so much quicker these days! Hope yours was a wonderful celebration of your life! Love to you my friend…

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