Meanwhile in the garden….

I planted a fall crop of lettuce and it’s still thriving all cozy under a hoop house. I’m thankful to have some fresh winter greens in January.
And a nice pile of leaf mulch, the stuff I yearn for, is decomposing nicely under a canopy of fir trees. When ever I poke at the pile, the wonderful earthy aroma delights my senses. It will make a nice spring mulch in my perennial beds. Did I tell you I found the mother load?
Every fall, when I’m in town on errands, I keep my eye open for a nice stash of leaves. Sure enough I found my booty, one city block long of rich mulchy goodness. And just in time as the city was scheduled for collecting leaves to take to their composting facility. The finished compost is then sold back to consumers at a premium.
An hour later, I got it all in the bag!
A stop at Dutch bros, then heading west of town, I traveled and sipped a long and leisurely country road home.
Meanwhile, back home…..
Pomegranates line the mantle. Tell me this isn’t peculiar to you cause it makes perfect sense to me.
~Winter greetings from the cottage~

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