Simmer, Stew & Soak

Simmering kettles of soup, stewing dye pots and hot soaks. Just a few simple things that make me go mmmmm….. Perhaps it’s the slow contemplative process I’m drawn too. I just don’t know, but I love it.

The dregs of my dye pot contain the lovely peeling bark of Madrone (Arbutus), a Northwest native tree. Bits of Douglas Fir needles are in there too. No need to mordant my soft merino handspun as the bark and needles are high in tannic acid.

A trio of natural organically dyed hand-spun wool waiting for inspiration. I created the carmel colored skein at the bottom from a dye pot of Black Walnuts. And the one on the upper left from the partially exhausted dye bath.

The trio was destined for a break up shortly after this photo was taken. Meilleuere Amie snatched the soft colored Madrone dyed skein and deftly knitted up these fingerless gloves.
I’ve indulged in not just a few long hot soaks in my hillbilly hot tub these last few days of the year. And reading Sara Dane by lamplight. Of her travail in the dank and dreary bulkhead of a sailing vessel en route to the Botany Bay penal colony. Soaking in the dark and watery surroundings of my green house getaway enlivens my imagination. A perfect hour of escape!
~Peace and God’s richest blessings be yours in the New Year~

2 thoughts on “Simmer, Stew & Soak

  1. C-ingspots says:

    Betty, your handspun is absolutely beautiful!! I adore the beautiful, natural colors…my favorites!! I checked out those gloves Ali made – very nice!! Rick's wife Michelle spins and dyes and knits stuff too, but she uses stuff like Kool-Aid as her dye – YUCK!!! I've tried to get her to experiment with natural dyes, but she says she doesn't like the colors they produce. Crazy, I know!! Blackberry leaves with iron (I think) produces some lovely shades in grapish tones. I think you've got this spinning thing down my friend!! Let's do a walkabout soon, okay?? Even if we can't go on your old place, we can always find another…let's poke around!

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