No Hustle, No Bustle

By now you’ve probably received emails or read blogs on helping our country and economy by spending your Christmas dollars locally. I know I’ve read a few. And haven’t we all had this passing fancy to do just that only to find we’ve been blindsided by how quickly the we find our selves in the thick of the Holiday race. Succumbing, we just try to get it ALL done, vowing never again to fall victim to the hype and costly hysteria of shopping madness. I’ve personally had this track record for sometime. But last year I think I made inroads to a more gentler, slower Christmas.
It began with thoughts on the meaning and spirit of Christmas. The birth of Jesus, love, charity, and family. And then formulating a plan that would help keep me focused and on the narrow path. T’weren’t easy letting go of the yearly grind of “living up to others expectations”! Then I made a life decision, a bold step I took for the first time last year.
I’m actually looking forward to not participating again this year! Enjoy my latte, watching peeps do the hustle and bustle, and hopefully have some like minded companions to join me as we toss around gift ideas that would promote the mojo of a slower more real kinda Christmas. You with me?

Fall Festive Fun at Panther Creek Cottage yielded a nest of sweet smelling beeswax candles. At half the retail cost! You can order wicking and beeswax (I used unfiltered cosmetic grade) from Glory Bee, a Northwest Oregon supplier and as local of a company as I could find. A little web research revealed this project to be a simple and fun activity for all ages. A great Christmas gift idea that evokes warmth, hearth and family. I hope you’ll try it!
It feels marvelous really, a little different in a good sense, with maybe just a tad bit of anxiousness in not knowing exactly what my Christmas giving will look like this year. But I’m confident it will all work out, it always does, even without a toe entered into the hype of the race.
Peace and Joy come to you.
And may the blessings of Thanksgiving be yours.

2 thoughts on “No Hustle, No Bustle

  1. C-ingspots says:

    And also to you my beautiful friend. I heartily agree! I've vowed to do the same again this year, and have been planning on handmade goodies for family and friends. * KISS * Keep it simple sister is my new motto for these crazed holidays! :) I'd dearly love to get together with you and take a walk in your woods, gather some evergreens for wreath making, come back to enjoy a refreshing beverage (or 2) and partake of some holiday crafting. If it sounds good to you, I'd try to arrange a midweek day off work and leave the day open. I'm open for ideas or suggestions…what say you my friend!?

  2. Julie Wallbridge (feminist farmer's wife) says:

    I loved your Black Friday post. I hope it was raining when you walked Sir Jack. Nothing preachy here as usual. Just 'here is what I did today. You in?' Love it.

    In years past our families have drawn names between adults and also between young cousins. This year we are attempting a charitable route. Trying to avoid consuming more goods (even local ones) that may not actually even be of use to us. There is a program where one can purchase a cow (or goat, chicken, seeds, llama…) for a family in a developing country. Trick is the family must give offspring of this creature to another family and so on… I love the idea of food that gives more food that gives more food (hopefully, if all goes well of course).

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