Mish-Mash & Moosh

My thoughts on the happenings around Panther Creek Cottage these days are a bit of a mish-mash of home, garden and life. Be warned, moosh happens!
My first handspun
My lovely daughter and grand- daughter, the dual team of Meilleuereamie have mentored me in my pursuit of spinning and knitting. I am a blessed woman! Peruse their shop and see all the lovelies these two create.

The beginnings of my first ever knitting project. A hat, just in time!
I have no specific purpose right off hand for these dried hops I’ve harvested other than they are a sensory delight to me. I’m loving their soft green hue, all delicate and light. Taking in their green-y pungent aroma will help lift my spirits when the winter doldrums kick in.
HH rigged up this filter for the spring water that fills the hillbilly hot tub.
It does the job!
Go here to see where our spring water originates.
Hot soaks in my hillbilly hot tub are becoming a bit of routine for me. I crank up the burners and round the time I’ve finished working in the cool fall air, the greenhouse is all steamy. I grab some tea (or pinot), a book and rejuvenate.

We’ve eaten the last edible cucumber from the garden making me wince when I think of the ones that got away. But I’m reminded that what doesn’t make it to our mouths or to the insides of farm critters, when consumed by the earth, feeds the hidden and miraculous world that resides under it’s surface. Feeding and “uppen-ing” the very source that will provide next year’s bounty.

Moosh is good!

2 thoughts on “Mish-Mash & Moosh

  1. Julie Wallbridge (feminist farmer's wife) says:

    A fabulous reminder that Mooshing can bring about some small but significant joys in our days! That tub has got me longing for a tub outside. And the hand-spun wool makes me shiver. What a gratifying pursuit! Once again, I also appreciate your appreciation of that fate of a squishy cucumber.

    ps. I love Julia Cameron – The Artist's Way but have not ventured there lately. Another joke book about how an artist can procrastinate found me one day recently though (by Julia Cameron). if you email me your mailing address, i would like to send it to you. It has run its course in my home. juliep1 at xplornet dot com

    • Isaac says:

      Definately, we’ve had the same problem in doing up our last two hosues, small bathrooms. In our last house we put in a bath that has a corner at the feet end cut off to make for more space in the room. In our present house we’ve just done away with the separate shower unit and bath and instead installed a bath with a rounded end designed to have the shower above. Job almost finished, looks great and has created more space in the room.

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