Hearts of Stihl

The past few weekends, the Stihl chainsaw totin’ head hillbilly has been up in the woods cutting firewood with his best friend. Their team work has formed a large pile of wood to warm each of our abodes sufficiently, and then some. They’ve been intense and focused in their endeavors, even if slowed just a tad when they got the bright idea to bring along their wives on a foray into the woods.
The connection to Jules cell phone was shaky as they traveled deeper into the Trask Mountain Range. But I managed to find out that she was bringing the red therefore I brought the white.

Part way however of loading firewood, backing up the truck, and dragging chain through the rain soaked and muddy ground we cracked open the bottle of Coelho Pinot Gris and I proceeded to slake my thirsty throat with it’s crispy tart coolness.

Well, never mind the wood, we ladies became photographers and played propped and fiddle faddled with our bottles of wine as we traipsed among the forest flora of ferns, vine maple, and fir stumps.

This tasty bottle of Pinot Gris comes from the vintners of Coelho of Amity Oregon.
This bottle of Pinot Noir, from Laurel Ridge of Carlton Oregon was so delicious and made me glad we packed along meat and cheese to go with it.
A bit of a tipsy angle. It was the angle, I’m sure it was the angle.
Dusk came too soon! But the day in the woods, the fresh moist air and pitchy scented firewood, good friends and fine Oregon wine?


2 thoughts on “Hearts of Stihl

  1. C-ingspots says:

    Well, if that don't beat all!? Hubby and I just made our 4th trip into those same woods where we've been cutting, chopping and packing firewood until our bodies ached!! However…not even once did we get to partake in something even half that enjoyable. We were thankful for a thermos of hot coffee, a cold sandwich and maybe a banana to strengthen our bodies and our resolve. I'm sooo jealous!!
    But, we too have been enjoying the crisp mountain air and the beautiful solitude of the mountains!! Cheers to a warm and toasty winter!!

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