Greenhouse Roundup

I’ve come to the realization that there are a few drawbacks to a slow home lifestyle. And that is for all the beauty of living a sustainable simpler existence, everything (emphasis on everything) happens at a much slower pace. Like our greenhouse, the one I’ve written about for two long years, is finally becoming a reality. We still have some finishing touches mind you to do (on slow time), like seating and an entryway via a garden path, but she’s pretty much there.
Ready to Round up?
This floor of re-claimed vintage brick turned out exactly as I had dreamed of in my noggin. It will soak up the sun by day and radiate it back into the greenhouse by night. Enough I hope to prevent freezing of tender plants.
We installed solar vents that open when things get a little too warm. The entrance is a re-claimed vintage door I painted Mark Twain Grey Brick, a historical landmark color matching the trim work.
The back door is a re-claimed gem as well. The glass insert brings in additional light to the spot where my hillbilly hot tub goes. Speaking of the hillbilly hot tub……
The burners are lit….
The clawfoot tub is in. I spray painted it with an engine paint that will withstand high temperatures. I’m thinkin’ I might just have the world’s largest enameled cast iron cook pot going.
Ahhh… a fine kettle of soup.

2 thoughts on “Greenhouse Roundup

  1. Feminist Farmer's Wife says:

    I am shaking my head with glee over those bricks. What a darn good idea! I love the hot tub idear too. Right now my pigs have such a tub sitting under the eaves spout that they use to roll around in. Its just the right size for a mud bath too it turns out.

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