Maturity (in the garden, not me)

My garden is yielding to maturity. But not me, no sir-ree. Okay, well, maybe a little. Seed heads are drying on their stems. Flower blossoms too. And it’s time to start gathering them for an abundance of free spring sowing next year.

Dill is one of my favorites to gather. I love to plant a large grouping each Spring. I touch, sniff and fondle them regularly. Remember, I lack maturity.

Cosmos seeds are a must. Their blooms help bring pollinators to the garden and their dill like appearance so wispy and light is hard to resist.

And marigolds, are good bullies in the garden. Undesirable pests avoid their natural repelling nature. I collect the whole dry heads easily for next years bumper crop of sunny blooms.

Finding ways to bring a little garden to the table? Me too. I try to find ways to bring some to the table by searching out some mini varieties of my favorite herbs and veggies. I planted miniature romaine lettuce among some of my potted plants on our patio to nibble at will. And I’m completely smitten with tiny Basil Pistou. Their lovely herbal fragrance would charm the socks (or pantyhose, maybe girdles. Wait, folks don’t wear those anymore do they?) off wedding guests attending summer nuptials! Maturity forth coming, I promise.

I treasure my wire gate. It’s a fine sturdy trellis in our garden. It’s flanked on one side with light and fruity lemon cucumbers and zinnias on the other. It’s rarely in the same place each year but that’s what I love about my found wire gate, it’s versatility and constant up-cycle-ability.

Whoa, I can’t turn my back for one minute!

Way too much maturity happenin’ around here!

2 thoughts on “Maturity (in the garden, not me)

  1. Feminist Farmer's Wife says:

    I like the tip about saving marigold heads. I try to save my own seeds but then can NEVER find them in the spring. If I could stop tearing my house down to rebuild it, I might be able to keep things in the one place and know year to year. What is it about October to April that is so long that I can't remember where I put something as important as seeds? Perhaps marigold heads will have better luck. Once again, love the garden tour.

  2. C-ingspots says:

    Hello there my friend, beautiful garden post as usual. I sooooo admire your lovely gardens. Someday, just possibly I might find the inclination (and the time) to have a beautiful, fruitful garden like yours. Someday, my life might be my own right??? Missing our visits, my friend…hope you're well, and the family too.

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