Just Suck It Up!

Welcome to Vernonia!
Home of loggers, mountaineers, and young rugged visionaries with enough gumption to revitalize and polish this historical gem of a town along the Nehalem River. A town that’s alive and kickin’ despite a devastating flood in 2006. A tragic event that tested the durability of a little over 2000 individuals and was the catalyst in reinvigorating it’s founding pioneer spirit. The community pride and friendliness of this old logging town is palpable. I fell in love.
I think I want to live here forever and ever.
When we rolled into Vernonia last Sunday, folks were hustling about the tiny town and not a soul we knew. So I ventured into a little shop called Black Bear Coffee Company to grab some joe and inquire on the happenings going on when I noticed under their name the slogan, Just Suck It Up! I no longer felt like a stranger but family. With an understandable and wearied expression my server informed me that Vernonia’s 55th Friendship Jamboree and Logging Show was just ending. She more happier than I. Dadgum it, we missed it!
We wandered around some than sat a while alone on the bleachers imagining hard hat clad competitors working saws, choker setting, throwing axes and pole walking.
Just a few axe handles away smack dab in the middle of town, a public swimming hole.

I want to live here forever and ever!
So we browsed up and down the tiny main street of Vernonia determined not to miss next years Jamboree. Then I took this photo of a charming little cafe begging for a new lease in life. I even imagined myself perched in the upper floor window of my make believe living quarters, sipping a hot 16oz. cup of Black Bear Coffee watching Vernonia’s Jamboree Parade. Or maybe their 4th of July parade, cheering and waving my flag.
I want to live here forever and ever!!

3 thoughts on “Just Suck It Up!

  1. C-ingspots says:

    We enjoy going to Vernonia too…it's such a quaint little town. And, we've been to their jamboree. It's fun!! They have an amazing antique shop that I love to visit, and a saddle shop that I never miss. It's a fun car ride to travel the entire length of Hwy. 47, you and F should give it a try sometime…just don't do it in wintertime. It might be a bit dicey!

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