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We have a son! Yippee! Bear with me please as I say stuff like that. When ever I see my boy, I am instantly transported back to the day he was born. I won’t go into it but just know that 31 years later I still feel a need to announce his arrival. Sheesh, doesn’t everybody do that?

Now that boy of ours manages an apartment building in a town not too far from ours. The small complex isn’t located in the most desirable area I might add, and lacks the amenities of the higher end units on the other side of the tracks if you know what I mean. But ever on the beat to improve the environment of Ford Street Court Apartments and bring a little sun and life into the lives of it’s residents, the guy comes up with projects, some of which the head hillbilly and I have helped on. The latest, A Community Garden.

I’ll give you a run down of the process from start to finish in pictures, and thereby reducing the chit chat to the bare minimum. I’m talking like thats possible for me when I know dadgum well your not fooled. But lets go ahead shall we?

Ford Street Court Apartments and a little nondescript patch of green.

Hard and weedy but too weak to withstand our assault.

Our potential new occupants are waiting!
I weeded out the big stuff and HH hit it hard with the tiller.
Our grandson quickly seized the new territory for his monster truck.

Next our boy unloaded a yard of compost.
And the whole gang jumped in to spread and mix the compost into the old dirt.
We added two large stepping stones in the center.

And then before you knew it, more folks joined in on the fun.

Everyone who wanted to help was invited to participate and it was fun to chat with the tenants and others who enjoyed observing the process.

Gardens just tend to bring folks together don’t they?
We created paths with grass clippings
And then a tenant from the neighboring apartment complex donated some broccoli and got into the planting too.
As we finished up and packed up our tools, I glanced over at my boy and instantly recognized the familiar look of contemplation that comes over him. Moms just know this kinda stuff, am I right? Sure enough he was planning his next project. He somehow felt the garden wouldn’t be complete without a fence and that a nice enclosure of some sort would offer the garden some protection and respectability.
And so it goes.
Welcome to Ford Street Court Apartments

Community Garden.

P.S. Hey other side of the tracks, check it out!

One thought on “Community Garden

  1. ali says:

    That looks wonderful! Great job on that garden mom. It sure brings some light into that drab apartment complex. I bet Joah feels proud of it!

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