Summer Obsession

I am unabashedly unapologetic for my blogging lapse. It’s cotton pickin’ SUMMER at long last! I have my daily dose of sun block applied. Denim overalls for the chill of early morning, raggedy old swim suit to feel every ray of glorious sunshine in the afternoon. I’m cavorting with the flora and fauna, dirty kneed and happy as a bumblebee in a Borage patch. Woodoggie! Even two nasty blistered bouts with poison oak have failed to dampen the pure joy of a late and long awaited Pacific Northwest summer. So without further self indulgent blather just a few thoughts and doings at Panther Creek Cottage.
The best dadgum ground cover ever! A prolific little border of blooms that can liven a simple salad of early summer greens. Or add a lovely touch to a summery glass of refreshment. Oh, not to mention all the nitrogen rich green to boost the compost at summers end.
( okay, I’ve said summer 6 times already, but whose counting?)
Next, get a load of these dark and sensuous Nasturtiums!
(I’ve used the word sensuous once to be exact, but whose counting!)
Garlic curing in the garden shed.
Copious amounts of sun tea consumed regularly.
With a tad bit of this to end a long and beautiful summer day.
* ~Summer Greetings ~ *
P.S. Make that 8 summers ( I counted).

3 thoughts on “Summer Obsession

  1. Feminist Farmer's Wife says:

    Oh Glorious Day! What a beautiful tour through your gardens. Thanks for the kind words about my little birdie friend. I just had another laugh about the 'I don't have a lot of A'ha moments, but a lot of Yahoo ones'. I'm there whooping with you from across the country and a wee bit north – do you hear me?

  2. C-ingspots says:

    Hi there my friend. Just wanted to let you know that we lost our beloved little Siri to colic last night. Bless her heart, she was 29 years young. Never a lame step nor a sick day while we knew her (15 years) pretty good, wouldn't you say? Oh, we'll surely miss her though. I HATE death!! I'm sooo sick of it. Would have called you, but still cry when I talk about it. Very touching how the other horses said their goodbyes…and some people don't believe that animals feel love for one another or grieve for each other…I believe otherwise. Love you. Siri will be buried under the apple tree with our other old friends today.

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