Ordinary Soil

Ordinary is good. I’m an ordinary person. I live an ordinary life. Good. But ordinary soil? Not so good. In long ago times home gardens received the best of the family’s manure. Typically, every family owned a cow that grazed in abundance verdant pastures giving back to the family, milk, meat, and organic fertilizer. The family garden was robust because the soil was nutrient packed rich media. And it was everywhere. Not so today. The soils that coddled our vegetables a millennia ago are deplete of the rich natural resources of the humble bovine and are lackluster in providing for the high demands of the home vegetable garden.

Over the years my composting system has helped to build a rich organic matter filled garden teaming with the microbes of a healthy soil food web. But I also want to ensure that my garden will give back dividends for all my hard work. So I have gotten together my supplies and today I’m going to mix up this recipe for a complete organic fertilizer created by Steve Solomon founder of Territorial Seed Co. Steve encourages incorporating his recipe into the soil at planting time but I will fertilize the recommended amounts as a side dressing to my already established garden. Time to get crackin’!

2 thoughts on “Ordinary Soil

  1. C-ingspots says:

    You have a beautiful garden!! I certainly appreciate all the hours of labor that represents!! Guess what? Your little Panther Creek area was the subject of Oregon Field Guide on OPB last night…very interesting. It showed how they're using different ways to map these days. There has been a quite large landslide above your place somewhere that showed up on this new mapping technique. You should go online and try to view it. I love that show!

  2. Feminist Farmer's Wife says:

    5 year old daughter: Mommy why does this poop not stink? (as she shovels it into pots for the greenhouse)
    Me: Because over time the poop breaks down and then becomes vitamins for the baby plants
    5 year old: Are the pigs eating that soil because its full of vitamins?

    Your priorities are just perfect in my books. I love your appreciate of a good pile of poop!

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