Beach Cottages

I’ve been reminiscing on the frugal getaway we had recently and all the quaint and colorful cottages of Neskowin. Just thought I’d take you along for a lookyloo. You’re not busy are you?
Cedar would be the perfect natural choice of siding for most dwellings in Oregon, especially for those that endure the salt tinged misty ocean air of the Oregon coast. I truly love the wavy cedar board siding of this cottage and the way it has softened to a lovely gray brown color. Oh, the bright pink trim? Totally dig it!
There are plenty of homes to see that incorporate the charm of driftwood, buoy, seagulls and other found objects but then a little pop of art like this statue and the upturned glass bottle pathway are a nice departure. A little sweep of the loose beach sand occasionally maintains the reveal of colored glass, I like that.

Classic and calm is inviting too.

This cottage was reserved in neutral colors but the owners saved the chutzpah for the fence.
You could have this hot pink cutie for a mere $200,000 plus. I settled for a small sit on it’s little front porch bench.

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