Frugal Getaway

It wasn’t like we were planning a vacation. Like most folks we’re sniveling about the dismal economy. And like so many we have been cinching up our latigos with plans of staying home this summer, maybe catch up on some much needed repairs around the old place. But we hadn’t taken in to account that the company HH works for would also be tightening their belts. It looks as though they feel we need a vacation anyway. They insist. Thanks guys. I know I know with so many unemployed I need to appreciate that HH does and is still working regularly and I truly am grateful.

But back to the unplanned mandatory days off of work, er, I mean vacation. We pulled off a little frugal getaway to the lovely seaside town of Rockaway Oregon about an hour or so drive from home. Rockaway, the very name bids me come. I say frugal because with a little exchange for labor we procured 2 days lodging at a cottage for free (imagine twinkling lights all around that word) and just a mere 2 blocks to the beach. Heaven (more twinkling lights…. just seems apropos).

And so on our tiny budget we had a tiny stay at the coast, complete with a tiny bottle of wine I just had to have for a tiny but lovely meal in with my beloved.
A to Z Pinot Gris, an Oregon wine on whose label are words to bolster the spirit in lean times. “Aristocratic wines at democratic prices”.
And it was.
Twin Rocks at Rockaway.

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