Quickie in the Kitchen

Garlic, can you ever have enough?

I came across this recipe in the Oregonian’s Food Day section a few summers ago. The Oregonian is my favorite source for some amazing reader submissions. This one in particular I make frequently this time of year. It’s my go to quickie in the kitchen for those days I am tired and dirty from making hay while the sun shines. I’m always feeling a bit starved too when the sun begins to set and the last thing I want to do is spend the rest of a glorious Spring evening slaving over a hot stove. You know what I’m talking about right? Even optimizing the lovely weather with grilling feels like too much effort on those days.

Are you with me? Great, grab your cans and make it quick.

No Name Recipe
:: You’ll need to pop open a few cans for this no-name recipe and cook up, el dente, your favorite spaghetti or Linguine pasta. ::
*Saute’ a couple ( or more, yes more) cloves of garlic in extra-virgin olive oil.
*Add a 14oz can of tomatoes with their juice. Glenn Muir brand fire roasted tomatoes are wonderful but your favorite brand will work. Simmer for 10 minutes.
*Add 1 can of tuna. Ortiz, a Spanish premium white tuna is perfect but any good quality tuna will do.
*Finish by adding copious amounts of capers, and black and green olives. Season with S&P.
*Serve over pasta, and enjoy immediately with a nice glass of your favorite Red.
* Relax, you earned it!

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