Garden Art and more….

I’ve still got gads to yikyak about at my outing at La Casa Verde. No surprise I know, but I am with the utmost resolve going to do it in portions more easily to digest.(not a promise though) I am what I am.

So just a couple sights to share, the first this whimsical pair of birds from recycled garden implements that I am sure any self respecting farm has laying around in rusty piles. I was really inspired to find myself a welder and get to it.

Hmmm.. I have all these elements on hand, but I wonder how much work goes into removing layers and layers of rust, or would I just forgo the paint and leave the years old rusty patina intact? Oh whirly whirly!

I visited this cottage three times. I was just magically drawn to it. You think because I live in a cottage just slightly bigger and it made me feel at home maybe? Maybe. First visit I browsed at the eclectic collection of vintage finds. The second, I munched on an apple and browsed some more. Third visit I bought a new but old potato masher. The heavy gauge wire masher part was wider and appeared more durable then my plastic handled one at home. And the worn red paint on the wood handle? What’s not to love about that.

I love this! This old truck represents all those faithful and rusty farm relics you are likely to find on most farms. A vision of days gone by. This one was faithful to it’s calling and now stands sentinel here. It’s pastel and rusty colors are beautiful to me. And of course the little signage on the door. ooohh….
Let’s just say me, a piece of chalk and a rusty old Chevy. Simpatico!
P.S. Gads more to come ;)

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