La Casa Verde

So the wet chilly weather has finally given way to some drier lovelier weather. And what do you think I did the minute the showers stopped? I beat it outa town! Acute complaining about the weather for a few days followed by instant procrastination the minute the rain subsided. Why?, I don’t know. But it felt good, I so enjoyed my Saturday afternoon attending La Casa Verde, a green home and garden expo in McMinnville, Oregon.

The event was held in conjunction with the Saturday Market, so lots to see, lots of delightful aromas and flavors to partake, and fun activities. In the center of it all was a group of folks building a cob oven. The building actually commenced the previous day with setting a stone foundation. Then the cob, a mixture of clay subsoil, sand and straw prepared by any pair of willing hands was applied. The upper cob portion of the oven got a layer of burlap coated in plaster. When dried, more cob to finish.

By the end of the day the cob oven was completed by a tired and cobby crew, and it will operate every Saturday hereafter faithfully, by the famous Red Fox Bakery, a delightful local independent artisan bakery, I dearly love, well at least those ginormous macaroons. I really should try the bread huh?

Here are a few photos of the cob oven building for now, with a few more thoughts and photos soon about my day at La Casa Verde.

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