The Horta, alive and well

For those of you not familiar with the “Horta”. I give you a short clip for history’s sake. You might just remember that you actually are familiar with the Horta or at least a close relative. They are prolific I hear. Maybe you’ve been wondering what has become him. Time to find out.

Psst… He’s a She.
Then in her youth as a film star as now the Horta is not very pretty. And okay it’s kinda true people are a little skittish about her reputation as a simmering hot blob of matter reputedly devouring anything that crosses her path. But it’s her job okay. Things get a little warm when consuming all the garbage folks throw at her. Sheesh, give the gal a break.
Really, her benefits far out weigh her deficiencies in the looks department. Trust me. So I hope you’ll encourage her and her offspring to hang around your spread. And if you throw brambly debris, weeds, dirt, manure or even rotten tomatoes and banana peels at her and call her “compost“, she won’t mind atall’.

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