As promised from “Desperately Seeking the first lovely Trillum of the season. Delicate and bright among the dark earthy browns of the forest floor. It’s leaves enlarging with maturity and it’s once brilliant white petals casting a mottled purple hue as it fades with Spring;

The delicate and unassuming Trillium holds fondness for me with it’s legend of the three distinct petals representing the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the Holy Trinity. It’s whiteness the representation of Divine Purity and Holiness. A celebration of that first Easter, Christ’s sacrifice, our redemption. Beautiful.

Oh, and I was baptized in the light, finally yesterday, a patch of blue. So may I hear a collective ahhhh from all you Pac Northwesterners. There will be sun!
Trail Log 4.1.11
(no foolin’)

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