If your like me thinking about preparedness is not at the top of your list. And I have been thinking alot lately about why I don’t like to think about preparedness. Really, my head gets overwhelmed with thinking about it. I think because I always wonder just how much one should and can be prepared for emergencies both at home and regionally.

It’s a daunting thought, where does one begin for heaven’s sake. So a few years ago we built a pantry in our barn, because our cottage is to small for much storage outside the basics. So I thought you know I should just do a little research and begin somewhere. I suppose that would be better than nothing at all and at least give me some sense of doing my part.

Because I really do want to ease the burden on the local and national system as best I can. Why? Because I kinda like knowing the system is there and in an emergency I really want that system to be as effective as it can to help as many folks as it can. Or if it’s troubled by disaster then I want to be able to assist in keeping that precious system operating at full capacity if thats possible.

Therefore if I can provide the 72hrs. most state governments ask for us to make do for ourselves so that the more seriously impacted can be served, then I feel obligated and duty bound really.

Where to start? Let me help.

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