T’is gowd to be Irish

~T’is gowd to be Irish and dine on Bangers and Mash at Kells Irish Pub. Ah, tis good I tell ye.~
~Shure it’s the head hillbilly D’ye see who’s Irish but Oi don’t let that stop me from talkin’ the blarney D’ye see and imbibing a wee bit of Guinness D’ye see now.~
The traditional corned beef and cabbage was delicious too but oh my the shepherds pie I ordered was simply out of this world, so bear with me because I am compelled to pontificate on it’s delightful attributes and that ain’t no blarney.
Ground beef simmered in a savory sauce of Guinness with bits of carrots onion and peas. Topped with cheddar mashed potatoes then broiled until nicely browned and drizzled with demi -glace’. And perfect because it was just how I prefer it, piping hot. Not hot a little hot but PIPING hot! I needed to deliciously draw a bit of air over my tongue to cool it and sipped Kells Smithwicks Irish Ale between bites. Sooo delicious. A real lovely time was had by all.
Including this smart looking chap.

~Yes sur, t’anks be to heaven for a wee bit of Guinness an gowd friends.~

P.S. Kells Irish Restaurant and Pub in Portland Oregon celebrates St. Paddy’s day with a week long festival of activities, plenty of Irish music, pipers, dancers and Guiness.
Check it out here.

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