Book Making

With these supplies and one lovely assistant, my daughter and I put together a few small books.
If you remember how jubilant I was about the free class I attended courtesy of the Friends the Library about wine and terroir (read it here) then you must know how ecstatic I was to score again with the Friends by attending another completely free class on bookmaking. Give me a sec. I’m doin’ the free boogie. Alrighty then.
I expected to hear a lecture from our featured artist and speaker Marilyn Worrix director and founder of McMinnville Oregon’s Book Arts Center about her art of bookmaking and was elated that it was an actual hands on bookmaking class complete with free materials.
Score and boogie!!
There are many different kinds of books and many ways to bind them. Marilyn taught us how to make a simple single signature hard cover journal using a pamphlet stitch for binding. The supplies consisted of :
~signature paper (for inserts)
~decorative paper (for cover and endpapers)
~book cloth (for binding)
~davy board (heavy duty cardboard like material)
~linen thread (for binding)
~a bookmakers awl (for punching holes)
~PVA (Poly Vinyl Acetate, a special thin consistency bookmakers glue)
~paperclips (for holding and keeping pages aligned)
~exacto knife (for cutting davy board)
~bone folder (for sharply creasing decorative and signature papers)
~large sewing or darning needle
I know a supply list isn’t as helpful by itself without instructions on how to make the actual book. But there are some terrific books on the subject for the determined through Amazon as well as how to websites you might try. I can say that researching bookmaking terms beforehand and collecting my supplies to use at home helped me in learning the techniques more readily in class, helping me breeze through the process. Not required of course but sooo helpful. So I hope this list will give you a head start in your pursuit of bookmaking.
My daughter gluing decorative end papers using PVA and a brush. The PVA is very thin and it is wise to use scrap paper under your project to keep your work and work area clean. Regular glue stick works fine for projects not requiring a long life or when working with children.
My granddaughter applying the bone folder to smooth surfaces and make nice sharp creases where needed.
You can’t underestimate the value of a young assistant and future author bookmaker.
Bookmakers tip~
Place wax paper between covers and inside contents. (I went a head and secured each with a large rubber band). Then I placed them in a pile under weight for 24hrs or so using a heavy volume of books as a weight.
These are our journals fresh and new and ready for thoughts.
~ I share therefore I am~

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  1. C-ingspots says:

    Beautiful! You're such a creative gal…I still want to take a look at that gorgeous quilt you made too. Yes, let's do breakfast soon!! You know me, always ready for food and a chat. :)

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