Frog love

Last week there were snow plows clearing our roads. One could easily be fooled, maybe even think that we were still in the clutches of Winters icy grip. But no. No no. I’m saying No!

Yesterday we had a passel of children gallivanting and cavorting among nature. Climbing trees, following mossy pathways, froliking in the sunshine and swinging in the big tire swing of our cherished grand old black walnut tree. Rosy cheeked and booted they played the afternoon away.
Winter played her cards last week. But this week Spring threw in the ace, evidenced by my granddaughter when she caught a little frog for all to admire. You see frog love is going on around these parts. The loving embrace between boy and girl frogs called amplexus happens the first week of March and delivers a whoopin’ on Winter.
So I will lovingly embrace Spring revealing itself everyday. If frogs aren’t hopping in your neck of the woods they soon will be. If you haven’t ordered this years seeds, get hoppin’.
And check out my frugal gal’s recipe for dirt cheap for starting your newly purchased seeds.
Alrighty then, I’m off to dance amongst the daffodils. Oh happy day!
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