Home Again

I felt like George Bailey in the classic movie It’s A Wonderful Life but in reverse as we journeyed to the airport the morning of my flight to California.
Because of the new fallen snow and icy road conditions we crept slowly up hill and dale leaving home, sweet warm home with it’s curling stream of woodsmoke rising from the chimney. Everything moving by in slow motion.

“Goodbye little cottage in the woods.”

“Goodbye little town just waking up.”

“Goodbye you ol’ snowplow, thank you.”

In little over an hour flying time I was transported one season forward. And then I was saying…..

Hello sunny California suburbs!

Hello shiny white mercury. You make the sun reflect right into my cornea’s. It hurts so good!

Hello delicate pink peach blossom, you make me hopeful.

I’m home now feeling refreshed having soaked up a little sunshine and blossoms in my soul and knowing that surely Spring is just around the corner.

If your dreamin’ of being transported too with out booking a flight. Let Chris at
Red Gate Farm dazzle you with the bright colors of summer in flowers and veggies. I think I really really want to try some of her green “Envy” zinnias for Spring. I’m dreamin’, I hope you are too.

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