Desperately Seeking

Trillium Ovatum
A Northwest Native Bloom

When I spot my first Trillium around our wooded home I am elated because it is a sign that Spring has firmly taken hold and the bonds of Winter have been broken. But it is still to soon for it’s arrival and in the meanwhile I have been busily planting up this years order of Northwest Natives. This Pre-Spring weather is the perfect time for planting the Natives and when I get my hands in the dirt, it gets me desperate for Spring.

We have had such compliant weather lately, and it was a gift when I went to planting. No sooner did I pat the soil around my new purchases and in rolled dark clouds showering my newly planted selection of goodies. I beat the odds and it felt glorious.

This year I planted one Western Hemlock for an evergreen distinction amongst the plentiful Douglas Fir. 4 Pacific Rhododendron at the entry of our drive with a few stems of 
Rosa Rugosa near our mailbox. Further up our drive in some humusy forest soil I planted 2 Pacific Dogwood, 2 low growing shrubby Kinnickkinnick higher up in the rock garden and 4 Twin Flower, another short but trailing ground cover by my little woodland greenhouse. Lastly, I planted in our small lower pasture in it’s boot sucking marshy area, 4 Native Willow. It should quickly provide for me plenty of material to practice what I learned from the basketry class I took two Springs ago.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for the Trillium on my ramblings and when I find it you will be the first to know.

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